Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

It's Me

           Hallo Friend .
           My name is Habib Yusuf Abdussalam . i live in Jl.Braga No.52 . I I'll you more cleary all about my personality from my residence in Jl. Braga no . 52 i've lived in Braga 15 years old, i something confused with where live , which i confused from where i live , why only my family who have very high target such as scholl or work ??? :( . The cause of her i have a high target to turn around where i live . yes including my residence in the area of Bandung :) 
          My birthday on 20 August , shortly apparently hehe . hoping someone special come to give a gift to me :) , just cake just might be like last year :( .
           I am very happy to play guitar maybe i do have expertise in the filed of music :) , andalso had to make the band but is only active while :( because all my friend occupied by his school came out one by one each of my band :( 
           Indeed , the very thing i love camping in the wild because i've been 3 times camping in the wild . 
           I liked football club Real Madrid and Manchester United . the Real madrid because there is my favorite player is Cristian Ronaldo , Manchester United and his players are very good ineed all :) .
            Future goals i wanted to be a policeman of course with high position or rank :) . And dreams i want to be very helpful and i want to change everything around my neighborhood . :) :) :)