Senin, 07 Desember 2015

School Life

          this time I will tell when we were doing the learning outside Bandung, namely in Jakarta.
on the morning of a beautiful, all students in grade 10, 11, 12, and including teacher special teacher who taught in IPS participate in implementing learning activities outside Bandung . we departed from Bandung to Jakarta around 05.00 am and arrived at Jakarta on his right in atlantis 10:00 , and we had a happy first when we swim and play atlantis . we were given only until 12.00 Spot, and after we're done having fun or playing in atlantis, we immediately proceed to Dufan (Fantasy World). Well at the time in dufan we were given the task to record those who came to his Dufan more precisely record and provide specific question. and after we have finished the job we started playing again in Dufan .... until night, after 19.00 we immediately continue our journey together with all my friends and teachers as well as teachers who teach us straight back to Bandung, and to Bandung precisely at 22:00.

 That's my short story while at Dufan and Atlantis.


Jumat, 04 Desember 2015

visiting natural attractions

On On April 7 last year, me and my friends are planning to visit me or play to a hill in Bandung, namely Bukit Moko, when I traveled to the Mount Moko, me and my friends just remembered !!! , There is one of our friends left behind. when we began moving his hill, we melihan many motors are not strong enough to go up to the Hill. because of the way it is so uphill and slightly damaged also the streets of her, and fortunately vehicle that I carry and his friends I wear a vehicle rather strong or fast, after I got to the top we also enjoy its exquisite Bandung at the sight of her on the Mount this Moko. before we go home of course we do not forget to take pictures, after we took pictures we went straight back to our home, respectively, and I will never forget about the beauty of this beloved city of Bandung.

Kamis, 03 Desember 2015


SMAN 3 Bandung is proud to present:
Literature and Culture Arts Festival Bali Field GAMARVANI
19 September 2015

Enlivened by:
• HiVi!
• Adera
• Marionette Puppet Giriharja
• Mangala Awi
• Pencak Silat White Gadjah Mega Paksi Heritage • Sasadana
• arumbAcoustic • Buddy Culture
• Parahyena
• Space Music Director
• The house music harry roesli
• Art Lingkung Sunda 3 • Family Alloys Angklung 3
• Vocal Group 3 • Classical Music 3
• Tiloe's Theatre
and much more Presenting food festival consisting of:
• A number of traditional snacks
• 15 Stand Food
• 12 Foodtruck

Reg: Rp 40,000
OTS: Rp 50,000

Get to know your culture in Gamarvani

For more information contact
Line: @ ifg4862y


So, I will introduce my friend. Her name Edoardo Deonanda Yobelio ,  people call him Edward , He was Born in Bandung 04 October 1999 , and He  grew up in bandung,therefore of course He really love Bandung , but he's one of the most insane pupils in The Claas  , and he was quite clever in various subjects . Each school she is always with me , Her hobby is sleeping, and playing angklung .