Jumat, 04 Desember 2015

visiting natural attractions

On On April 7 last year, me and my friends are planning to visit me or play to a hill in Bandung, namely Bukit Moko, when I traveled to the Mount Moko, me and my friends just remembered !!! , There is one of our friends left behind. when we began moving his hill, we melihan many motors are not strong enough to go up to the Hill. because of the way it is so uphill and slightly damaged also the streets of her, and fortunately vehicle that I carry and his friends I wear a vehicle rather strong or fast, after I got to the top we also enjoy its exquisite Bandung at the sight of her on the Mount this Moko. before we go home of course we do not forget to take pictures, after we took pictures we went straight back to our home, respectively, and I will never forget about the beauty of this beloved city of Bandung.

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