Senin, 07 Desember 2015

School Life

          this time I will tell when we were doing the learning outside Bandung, namely in Jakarta.
on the morning of a beautiful, all students in grade 10, 11, 12, and including teacher special teacher who taught in IPS participate in implementing learning activities outside Bandung . we departed from Bandung to Jakarta around 05.00 am and arrived at Jakarta on his right in atlantis 10:00 , and we had a happy first when we swim and play atlantis . we were given only until 12.00 Spot, and after we're done having fun or playing in atlantis, we immediately proceed to Dufan (Fantasy World). Well at the time in dufan we were given the task to record those who came to his Dufan more precisely record and provide specific question. and after we have finished the job we started playing again in Dufan .... until night, after 19.00 we immediately continue our journey together with all my friends and teachers as well as teachers who teach us straight back to Bandung, and to Bandung precisely at 22:00.

 That's my short story while at Dufan and Atlantis.


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